Get to Know Nathan…

Introducing Nathan Bennet “Hot Dog” West, your new neighborhood Night Hawk (evening Equipment Room dude).

If you haven’t gotten a chance to get to know this lovely Capricorn just yet, worry not! We have some fun little deets about Nate right here in our first staff interview!

Ok so come on by and give Nate a big welcome! Maybe even creep him out by incorporating some of these personal tid bits into casual conversation….


One thought on “Get to Know Nathan…

  1. It should be noted that other acceptable monikers for Mr. West include Nathaniel B. Westinghouse, Westikins, and Gingerface.
    On top of his well honed skills at portraiture & fighting games, Westinghouse is a very useful hand in the kitchen as sous chef, he can pop a hole in a cold can of beer with his thumb, has an impressively HUGE t-shirt collection, is the eldest of 3 dramatically different brothers, and would be assigned into Slytherin or Hufflepuff depending on his level of sobriety during the sorting.

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