Why Not Paint the Roof White Too?

Shootdigital is tired of not matching, and what better way to compliment our expanse of shining white studio and lobby space than with a sparkly white roof? (And your sparkling white smile, of course!)

Shootdigital, their eco-friendly building, and T&J Construction have teamed up with The White Roof Project on getting their approximately 13,000 square foot roof painted white this season. We were inspired by a staff member getting involved in The White Roof Project’s “Model Block” endeavor, which entailed painting the roofs of an entire city block white just down the street from our own DeVinne Press Building, in an attempt to lower local ambient air temperature and reduce unnecessary energy use. A white roof can end up saving a building’s electric bill up to 40% while also reducing smog and helping decrease the heat island effect by reflecting 85% of incoming sunlight. If that isn’t reason enough get on the roof painting boat, then check this out: http://www.whiteroofproject.com/how-we-can-curb-climate-change/

The roof pre-painting. Updated photos - coming soon!


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