“Dalmatians in Sombreros Dance in Daisies on Mexican Monday.”

It all began with a game of Paper Telephone, begins with sentence that is translated into a drawing by one player and then into a new sentence by the next (real instructions here: http://www.thesentencegame.com/rules.php) etc etc. We decided to unknowingly pin our team of talented retouchers (7th Floor) against our equally as talented team of production and office staff (8th Floor), and see just how far from the original statement things would get… Below is a compilation of the wacky results.

(Artists & Writers: Joanna, BT, Dean, Lauren, Joe, Jasmine, Jeff)

(Artists & Writers: Bri, Emma, Sean, Cassidy, Randi, Martin, Brad, Youmi)

Now for the verdict of the 7TH FLOOR V. 8TH FLOOR SHOWDOWN?

Well, we’ll let you decide


Brad's Story


One thought on ““Dalmatians in Sombreros Dance in Daisies on Mexican Monday.”

  1. So no one but Mama D is going to vote? Is the rest of NYC still shakin’ from the quake or quittin’ the scene in advance of Irene? At least there’s no volcanoes on Manhattan Isle.
    And the vote, the vote! Since my heart belongs to a certain someone on the 8th floor, so does my vote. And thanks as always for that warm SD welcome!

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