Summer Playlist: A Musical Snack

(photo by Emma Darvick)

1. Going to California by Led Zeppelin
Makes me nostalgic for the summers of past lives. 
2. Lay Lady Lay by Bob Dylan
I can almost taste the salty seas of Cape Cod when I hear this.
3. Lazy Butterfly by Devendra Banhart
May we all get the chance to be lazy butterflies.
4. Bombay by El Guincho
Just watch and listen
5. Heartbeat by Tahiti 80
If this song had a scent, it would be suntan lotion.
6. Hey Cool Kid by Cloud Nothings
Put some shades on, go for a walk, play this song. 
Now tell me you don't feel like the coolest kid on Avenue B.
7. Summer Gang by Afternoon Naps
Just dance to it. You'll feel better.
8. When They Fight They Fight by the Generationals
It’s almost like listening to the Beach Boys.
9. Summer of Love by The Fresh & Onlys
Their music sounds like lemonade stands and rooftop parties.
10. This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads
“The place” must be Shootdigital. ;)
11. Houdini by Foster the People
If you’ve been at Shootdigital recently you’ve heard this song. 
If you haven’t, why not come on by and remedy both!
12. Young Blood by The Naked and Famous
This song is like having the world at your fingertips.  
13. Lighthouse by New Villager
See the reason for song #12.
14. Underwear by FM Belfast
This song is the perfect way to end the night… 
...running down the street in your underwear. 
(Just listen you’ll understand. And don't get arrested.)   

Tune in and enjoy! 

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