BIG news.
Shootdigital is starting a BAND.
Tracey Carl (badass extraordinaire) and I were having a little impromptu photo shoot, shot by the talented Sean Gutowski when we realized…well the conversation went like this:

Tracey: Woah. We are so rad. I think we just shot our album cover.

Emma: But we don’t have a band.

Tracey: We do now.

So we have the ‘tude, we have the album cover, now all we need is:

drum set

tambourine (why not)
harp (again, why not)

Oh, and musical talent….EH.


One thought on “ROCK OUT

  1. And what, pray tell, is an ampstambourine?
    A tambourine that comes with its own sound system?
    Kind of like a bassharp, a harp that is strung just for low notes?
    Love the pix, girls.

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