Ad Agencies take it to the Mat!

Now, we normally don’t condone fighting…..

WHOOPS!  How did those pictures from our old party slip in there?! How embarrassing and completely contradictory.

Ok, let me start again.  We normally don’t condone fighting that does not involve a giant, rubber sumo wrestling suit.   That said, we also really love this new website called Agency Fight.  It pits agencies and their recent campaigns against one another and you get to vote on how you think the “throw-down” would end.

You do have to be a little bit of a Media Nerd to get it (i.e. do you sit through commercials or youtube them at work just for fun?  S’ok.  We do, too.  Along with such classics as “Surprise Kitty,” of course.  We like to think of ourselves as well-rounded.  And contrary to what you may be thinking, we actually have a lot of friends outside of our computers.  Who else do you think we hang out with on all those Margarita Fridays, afterall? 🙂 )

So if you need a break, we suggest you try this out.  And as a side-note:  No actual Madmen were harmed in the making of Agency Fight.*

*I mean, as far as we know.


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