New Lookbook – Sena

Here are a couple shots from the new Sena lookbook shot over the weekend at Shootdigital.  Even though it was at the end of an exhausting fashion week, the crew was in great spirits.

Erin Green on makeup brought her adorable puppy-dog, Frank, who kept the crew entertained.  In fact, he has such a personality, we had a hard time keeping him OFF set.  Frank, you’re adorable, but we think Olga from Women might be look just a liiiiitttttle better in these fashions then you do.  You can check out a shot that wardrobe stylist Lindsay Grosswendt caught of Frank trying to sneak on set, below.  So naughty.

But you do have to admire his nonchalant attitude.  Like he just naturally gravitates towards the spotlight and the fashion.  Oh Frank–we are SO on to you.

And we’ll let you know as soon as Sena’s newest line hits the stores.  Having gotten a sneak peek of it, myself, you will definitely want to pick up a couple pieces!


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