Sara Forrest – Light on Her Feet Shooting for Capezio

We had the pleasure of having the photographer Sara Forrest in our studios a couple weeks back.  She was shooting for Capezio and we were so excited to see her make use of the unique, architectural details of studio 6.  There are some great perks to having our studio housed in the old DeVinne Press Building (BESIDES the fact that Astor Wines and Spirits is directly downstairs, of course 🙂 ).  And it’s fun to watch a photographer break the boundaries of the cyc or the seamless when they encounter the character housed in our studios (and no, we aren’t talking about Hector, here.  ARCHITECTURAL character, is what we mean).

Sara not only does that as a commercial photographer, but her work has led her to bringing attention to some important causes all over the map.  She’s definitely worth your stop out there on the internet.

Check out her shots from the shoot on her blog here and the rest of her great work here.


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