Just a little bit of MYSTERY Repeating

Awhile back we added a CGI Department to our roster.  It is run by Curtis Schmitt.  Despite Curtis being the nicest of guys, he and his department are still clouded in mystery and intrigue.  Just by the virtue of the beast–CGI–most of us are already in awe of what he does (creates packaging, 3D models, special effects and even interiors out of nothing more than a mere pipe dream).

Impressive stuff that CGI.  It combines acronyms and technology into a whirling dervish of enigma and brilliance.

And it’s run by a man, that staff members still have a hard time nailing down.  In fact, only recently we tried.  Curtis was so busy with his latest project that he couldn’t make a meeting, but sent some notes in his place:

Apparently this isn’t the first time Curtis has eluded definition.  And for that, we applaud him.  One thing that will soon be defined is a CGI portfolio on our site.  Curtis and his team are hard at work on a couple of projects, but once the client okay’s it, we can’t wait to show you what he’s been up to.  For now if you really need to see some of his skill just give him a ring.  He has some impressive offline work we’re sure he’d be glad to share.


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