Daniel Weiner – A little bit of naughty and a little bit of Vice

Lots of fun things happen behind the scenes at Shootdigital.  Lots of things we’d like to be able to share with you.  If you aren’t already following us on facebook, here’s something you may have missed.  Staff members opened their e-mails to find the following image from Brad Jamieson and Daniel Weiner flooding their inbox:

Incredible, right?  Well, Daniel actually has been featured on their website before during a couple of events.  But the cover?  We actually wouldn’t be surprised, however there’s a larger story here.  See, we have a shower here at Shootdigital and we needed to take some photos.  And Daniel happened to be in the shower during the shoot.  And Brad happened to take some great cameos of Daniel in said shower.  So, as we were all high-fiving one of our staff members grabbing the cover of such a cool magazine, this second e-mail came through.  Clearly those two had been in cahoots this whole time.

Apparently we have some very merry pranksters on our hands here.  Vice Magazine didn’t decide to put Daniel on the cover after all.  It was just some our coworkers having some fun with a bit of prepress.

Still, as Mark Twain once remarked, “A man without vice is like a ship without ballast; if he runs into trouble he has nothing to throw overboard.”  No worries, Mr. Twain, I’d say we have them in spades.  Vice Magazine–are you watching?


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