Shootdigital Attends NYCSCL’s CAKED UP! Event

We’re a little behind in posting this but it was such a fun event we wanted to make sure we got it up.  And considering you are probably still coming down from all the Thanksgiving feasting, this may just be the jolt of sweetness your blood sugar needs. Hopefully it will help you you get through the rest of the week.

NYCSCL (or New York Creative Social Concern Ltd.) put on a fantastic display of art and culinary skill at the first CAKED UP event.  Part of it’s proceeds went to Art Start— a great organization that works to empower at-risk youth by getting them active in the arts.  It was quite the soiree and people infused some major creativity into their cakes….cakes?  Really they were works of art.  In fact, we like to think of them as the most delicious sculptures we’ve ever seen.  Oh and one of the best parts?  For a small entrance fee you were given as much cake, drinks and art you could possibly stomach!

Tracey Carl of Shootdigital was in attendance along with creative director Sena (of Sena–check out her hip line here) and Bridget Fleming (of downtownfrombehind) was also spotted.  Jezebel interviewed us, but we have yet to see the video.  Jezebel if you are listening, we’d love to see that!

A couple of pictures of the event below (sorry there aren’t more, we had our hands full of cake).  We also included the original invite (designed by Chandelier Creative).  Got to love anything in pink that talks about cake, right?

Need to see even more of the designs?  Then check out Caked Up’s blog here.  Just make sure you have something sweet on hand to nibble while you read.   🙂

This cake was entitled "Lady Fingers." We kid you not!

Sena and Bridget pose with a friend in a cake cut-out for Caked Up.


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