The Mystery of the Missing Towels


With the sweltering heat of the summer dripping sweat down our noses we have been so happy to have the cool, spacious studios to chillax in. (or get some work done. Details, details.) But, not EVERYTHING here is well and good.  In fact, we seem to have a bit of a minor problem on our hands.

A mysterious being has been stealing our towels!

We have done a bit of sleuthing, and just can’t figure out who the little (or not so little?) thief is, or WHY in the world would they do this?

The only thing that really comes to mind is that someone has the grand plan of seeing the models naked.

But when you add the question of “who wouldn’t want to see the models naked,” it really doesn’t narrow down the “who” too much.  Although it does make for a completely plausible “why” our towels are missing.  Still, it’s really not nice to jack our towels.  I’m sure you could just get our #1 model Hector naked without any trickery involved.

What do YOU think?


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