Survey Says…

In the spirit of good fun and getting to know one another EVEN MORE a few of us thought it might be neat-o (yah neat-o) to get together a little survey for everyone here at Shootdigital to fill out.

The questions and results were so wacky, I thought, “Hey! Why not share these with the WORLD?”

It was a long survey… so I’ll release a couple of answers with a lovely hand made ribbon every week! So stay tuned for more!

Here it is folks.

Out of shootdigital staff who would be the best person to…?

1. Jump out of your birthday cake!


2. give you a good chuckle, knock knock joke or a maybe little happy dance


The best person of shootdigital staff….

to have as the voice of your navigation system.


p.s. if you disagree with the majority vote, feel free to comment and voice your opinion!! In fact… I encourage you to do so.


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