Dear Gadget Santa

Here at shootdigital we are pretty big gadget lovers.  We love learning about the latest toys, especially when they mean they can help our clients on their next shoot.  So we decided it was time to share with you not one, but TWO new pieces of exciting news.

The first piece is one that everyone is already talking a lot about–shooting video with the Canon. Until now, it’s had its limits because of the lenses.  But all that is about the change now that Carl Zeiss is introducing these babiesThe second is along the same lines but for someone who maybe needs less firepower and something a bit more travel sized (because sometimes a clutch bag goes better with an outfit then a duffel bag–am I right?).  And there’s nothing wrong with that, either.  Below is a link to the new grip available for the iPhone:  the owle Bubo.

With how fast technology is becoming mainstream and democratic, I think we are poised for the moving image to see the same revolution the printed image did with the introduction of the first Brownie Camera.

iPhone fun link.

Wowee–what an exciting time to be alive!

Have you recently made a movie with either of these products?  Or, have you come across one you think is great?  If so, please send us a link–we’d love to see what you’ve been up to!


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