Top 5 Songs Played At Shootdigital…What Does This Say About Us?

5.Evil by Interpol played 72 times.

4.Maybe You Can Owe Me by Architecture In Helsinki played 79 times.

3.Ocean Breathes Salty by Modest Mouse played 80 times.

2. Wolf Like Me by Tv On The Radio played 83 times.

and the number one goes to…..

1.In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel played 87 times!

Fun Fact:

U Not Like Me (Bonus) by 50 Cent was last played 10.24.08 at 8:11 PM. Maybe it’s time to bring it back?

Sidenote: I think iTunes lies. Though I have played In the Aeroplane Over the Sea probably 45/87 times…I know for a fact that I also played”My Heart Will Go On” more than the reported one time. Don’t worry, I only play it in the early mornings when no one is here but me and Sean, who by the way sings that song like he handles the equipment room…beautifully.

Oh man. Tears streaming.

Rock on.


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