Shootdigital Coyote

The Coyote Goes West

Shootdigital Coyote

That’s right.  West.  As in the frontier.  No longer new perhaps, but even more fun now that it’s been settled.  Settled, that is, except for one lone wild spirit that CANNOT BE TAMED.  Behold, the Shootdigital Coyote!

If you need a location vehicle equipped with, but not logged down by the most important items you could want on a location shoot, be sure to give Daniel Weiner a call.

And, I know it may seem too good to be true, but we have in our possession some rare footage of the beast in its natural habitat (and yes, we’re still talking about the Coyote here, not our co-worker, Daniel).

We are really really excited to share this with our viewers.  Just try to control yourselves when you watch it, ok?  Especially the part where Daniel comes on.  Remember he’s a trained professional and you should not attempt to approach this sort of beast without us on your next location shoot.

And YES, we’re still talking about the Shootdigital Coyote and not our coworker, Daniel!  Jeez.


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