Stories and Secrets From a Photo Studio Reception Desk

A lot of people have the misconception that a receptionist’s job is purely answering phones and smiling at clients, but I am here to dispel those rumors.  We are the eyes and ears of this place, which means we see what some of you might not.  Time to reveal a few secrets, some perks, and my favorite sightings of RECEPTION.

All sorts of interesting people are roaming the many walls and halls of a photo studio; actors, photographers, models…BUT, most people here are trapped at their desks…well come to think of it, I am too, but my desk is a front row center seat to everybody coming in and out of those elevator doors. So when we have model castings here, I have the delight of directing every overly gorgeous person to their correct destination.  Blond Aussie model with glimmering green eyes-Hi. 😉

Now, I know that I am sitting behind a big computer, and I might be partially hidden, but a word to the wise (or not so wise…) when you are furiously making out with your lover on the couch in front of me…I can see you. Just throwing that out there…it gets awkward for me and I’m terrible at containing my laughter. You’d be surprised how often this has happened. Maybe we just have that kind of vibe going…I don’t know, but please get a room (or a studio!)

Something else you might not know…not only do I answer phones, but I am the resident DJ of Shootdigital.  Yep yep. You are forced to listen to my new favorite songs, and the sentimental tunes of my soul. But, I aim to please, and am always open to requests.  So if you are seriously jonesing for a song, come let me know, and I’ll see what I can do for you.  We all want to have a good time here.

Really though, my favorite thing is to see YOU!  So stop by; take some pictures, strike a pose and don’t forget to say hi…cause I’m always watching.

’til next time.


One thought on “Stories and Secrets From a Photo Studio Reception Desk

  1. This post is a hoot and a half! I love it. LOL. Roared.
    Perfectly funny, perfectly expressive, 99.95 perfectly grammatical. And the illustrations! How do you manage whimsy and energy with so few lines?

    And most noteworthy: this wonderful post from a someone who once upon a time said she could NEVER do what someone else did: sit at a desk and write. we’re awaiting next time…..

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