Shootdigital Thanks Native Shoes

Usually the reward of having done a great job is satisfying enough.  But, ok, we’ll admit it–we love getting presents sometimes.  We really, really do. Our parents taught us well, though, so we know it’s important to send a thank-you note back, and in a timely manner.  And this is especially true when that present comes from one of your clients.

So, like the overachievers we are, we decided to do one better.  We sent a thank-you video.  And we added FUNK (Glee Fans–you know what we’re talking about).

Even better then the awesomely comfortable shoes?  The fact that Native Shoes was so tickled by the video that they added it to their facebook AND their twitter page.

Aw, shucks.

Shootdigital Staff get a shout-out on Native Shoes Facebook page

***All shot with our canon.  We have them in-house so just ask!  They’re extremely reasonably priced and great to impress your client with some b-roll.


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