And Now Shootdigital’s Segment of “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”

You’ve heard that the World Cup is coming up, right?  Well, to honor this great game, we are planning on having it projected into the cafe lounge so our sports-fans won’t miss a thing!  And any downtime can be spent playing guitar hero on the Wii.

Oh yes, or working on your photo shoot.

To show you our dedication in preparing the studio, here’s a picture of IT running the proper cables and other dewdads to make this happen.  All, for YOU.

Also, we have a little contest going on here so if you see some Shootdigital staff members rooting for odd teams (Rowie a fan of North Korea? Where did that come from?), it probably has to do with that.

Is he holding those cables in his mouth?

Yes, yes he is.

And we can’t believe we might actually have to say this BUT:

Please don’t try this at home.  Those two used to work together as an acrobatic team in a circus.  People still talk about their graceful displays of athleticism.

They are the stuff of legends and definitely professionals.


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