Summer is here!

“Today is officially the first day of summer,” Shoot Digital’s Lost and Found has declared! The defining moment of the season, though long awaited has finally arrived. No, it is not the scorching sun or the sudden explosion of summer dresses on these SoHo streets…but instead a message from the groundhog of the summertime, which resides here in Shoot Digital (in case you weren’t aware of this).

The story goes like this:

About two weeks ago, tragedy struck Shoot Digital. A black woolen scarf was deserted in one of our photo studios. We had hoped its owner would return for it, but with a 91 degree day-time high and a humidity thicker than Benjamin Moore #1600 Studio Paint , we fear it has become an orphan…though not for long!

With our big hearts and even bigger Lost and Found department, we have accepted Punxsutawney Patrice (second cousin to the famed Punxsutawney Phil, once or twice removed…) into our SD Family. She has become a part of our permanent staff & the new warm and fuzzy mascot of our Lost and Found drawer, cuddling Chuck Palahniuk’s “Diary” (the book, not the actual one…awkward) & a retro-style, pumpkin-colored hair-pick. It’s a perfect fit.


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