Top 10 Foods to Avoid in a Catering Menu.

No matter how well you plan, sometimes you are going to hit a bump in a photo shoot.  And more often than not, it’s actually what people think of as the little things that can have a client walking away with an empty belly and a sour remembrance of the shoot.  Shootdigital would like to help.  Here’s a little list we put together of things to avoid when booking a caterer.

1. ALL Vegan Food

Hey, we are as conscientious as the next person, but that next person may really like red meat.   And that’s what makes people great.  We are all different.  So why have a catering menu without that same variety?

2.  Sushi

Unless you are ordering in directly, sushi can be a dicey risk, just not worth taking.  Sure it is healthy and high-class seeming.  But it only take a degree or two to potentially have it turn on someone with a delicate constitution.  With the unpredictable nature of photo shoots and scheduling, that sushi may be sitting out for longer then it was meant to.  Not worth putting a multiple day shoot in jeopardy by taking down a member of the crew or your client because you wanted to put on airs!  Try nicer tableware or flowers alongside the food.  Sometimes presentation alone is enough to make a perfectly respectable dish seem special.

3.  Offering Only the Coffee + Tea Service Provided with Catering

We all know budgets are tight.  But the reality is, if there’s a cafe at the studio you are booking at, someone is going to have to be the bad guy and tell clients their cappuccino is over budget.  Plan that there will be some people who insist on drinking espresso and see if there’s a better way to anticipate the cafe bill.  Besides, having a cafe on the premises is a good thing. We all need a break from set now and then!

4.  Themed Food

As fun as it may seem to do a themed catering spread, there may be people who just don’t like BBQ/Mexican/Japanese restaurants and avoid them like the plague in their day-to-day lives.  Don’t surprise them by making what to eat one more thing they have to think about on a busy shoot day.  Instead, maybe invest in a themed treat (we find margaritas or red velvet cupcakes can be just as special, especially if you add some presentation to the mix).

5. Only One Type of Dessert, or (gasp!) No Dessert At All

We know clients and crew have worked hard all day.  Make sure to have cookies, fruit, and even candy as part of the catering menu so they can indulge in the sweet reward they so much deserve.

6.  All Fatty Foods

Who doesn’t like those?  But, come on.  You know they aren’t good for you and especially in the fashion industry there are definitely several people perpetually on a strict diet that calls for some healthy food choices.  Make sure you have some greens available on every menu.

7.  Hot Seafood

We’ve all walked into studios that reek of the catering and it kind of takes away from the glamor.  No one wants to feel like they’re hanging out at the fish market or down by the docks.  However this one also comes with a disclaimer.  Certain types of seafood and certain ways of preparing seafood are totally fine.  Jambalaya usually contains its smell because it’s a soup.  Shellfish do too, but usually these get left as people who’ve had a bad run-in with catered shellfish are shy to try that tango again.

8.  Corn-on-the-Cob

Because it’s hard to hold, gets stuck in teeth, and there are just so may better options available.

9.  Eggplant and/or Cilantro

I know, this is technically two foods, but just consider that there are some picky eaters out there and we couldn’t reduce it to just ten.  They both came from a survey I just took.  Half the people are grossed out by eggplant’s consistency anyway.

Add to that, that it will be sitting for a while, and you get a rubbery mess that feels like it might be breaded slugs.  And apparently Julia Child HATED cilantro as do a good portion of the population.  So if something has cilantro in the title, try to steer clear.  Don’t believe me?  Would the New York Times lie?

10.  Super Spicy Food

Want to create an awkward situation fast?  Order a spicy meal.  Enough said!


4 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods to Avoid in a Catering Menu.

  1. Emma,

    Just loved this and appreciate you sharing it with me. It is creative, inventive, fun and the pictures are hilarious. I LOVE the expressions on your faces.

    Job well done!

    Aunt Amy

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