Shootdigital Pre-Production Meeting – Magical Animals Needed for Film Project. Ability to grant wishes and Proficiency on a Mac considered Huge Plus

So we are really excited about using the canon to shoot video.  Like really really excited.  Like–did you even know you could do that?!  Because we did and we have some in-house that we’d love to have you try out.  In fact,  we’re in the midst of putting together a side project now, and wanted to share some of the notes from our prepro meeting.

It’s no Wonderful World of Disney here but we’re pretty sure we may have a leg up on the Imagineers –even if the Pirates of the Caribbean ride may just be the coolest one of all time (begrudging thanks, Imagineers for that one).

Anyway, Mickey Mouse, eat your heart out.

BAM!  And that’s how it’s done!

Actual video to follow.  We just needed to get the boasting and show-boating out of our systems first.


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