Shootdigital: A Serendipitous Love Story

While searching for my Carmex in the cluttered drawer of lost and found, I ended up stumbling upon something much better than addictive lip balm: a mysterious book.   This book, entitled Buddha: A Story of Enlightentment, was just lying there under mounds of junk waiting to be discovered.  It has a note attached to it “Left in S4 4/21/08.”  I couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that this book has been at shootdigital longer than I have.

Curiosity overcame me and I opened its dusty cover only to discover numbers (a phone number???) written on the inside cover.  Now it all makes sense. The owner of The Story of Enlightment was using this book as a message to his/her lover. Well here I am, fate’s tool, giving you the chance you have been waiting for all these years.  SO STEP FORWARD MY ESTRANGED LOVERS. IT’S TIME TO UNITE AND REJOICE IN YOUR ROMANCE.

p.s. yes I realize there are too many digits to be a phone number.

p.p.s I looked up the date and studio and it was a SEED shoot….internal affairs?

p.p.p.s Do you like my white nail polish? I can’t decide.

–by miss emma.


2 thoughts on “Shootdigital: A Serendipitous Love Story

  1. Miss Emma,

    It could quite possibly be a phone number if you read it this way —
    506 (264-0045). 506 is area code for New Brunswick, Canada.
    Is the mysterious Juliette Canadian? Has the “enlightenment” book suffered in the land of the free and the home of the brave? Is it missing good hockey? Here’s to one of the lovers stepping (or skating) forward. Hopefully no one is on thin ice for missing a romantic assignation.

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