A Good Ol’ Fashioned American Mystery — Shootdigital Style (Sherlock Holmes, Eat Your Heart Out)

So, something has been on our minds for awhile and we were hoping you could help us.  See, we know our American History and we know Abraham Lincoln died in 1865  .  Meaning the guy that showed up at our Halloween party was not, in fact THE Abraham Lincoln.*  Problem is, he simply would not break character and so we were never able to figure out who the heck he actually IS.

Here’s a couple things we do know about this (albeit, devilishly charming) non-president:

1.  He’s extremely punctual.

2.  He votes and is always ready with a pen for the “ladies.”  So he clearly shares some “presidential appetites,” am I right?  Am I right?  ZING!

3.  He does not discriminate against race, creed, or blood-sucking minorities.

(ESPECIALLY when any of these involve a lady!  Did you even see that one coming?!  I bet not! ZING again!)

Any Ideas or Guesses?  Leave us a comment below!  We’d like to put this mystery to bed once and for all!

AH!  Another lady joke!  I can’t stop.

*And, we’ll admit, there may or may not be a few other extraneous clues that helped us determine we weren’t in the presence of the 16th President of the United States.  For instance–he didn’t remark once on the fact that all the margarita cups were made of plastic--a rare substance back in the 19th century.  That’s right–we’re big on not only beauty here.  We’re also fantastic dancers.  (Whaaaaa?)

3 thoughts on “A Good Ol’ Fashioned American Mystery — Shootdigital Style (Sherlock Holmes, Eat Your Heart Out)

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