Have you met our CGI Department? More Importantly, have you met, our FAUXOGRAPHY Department?

One day we were all sitting around trying to come up with a name for CGI that sounded less techy and more approachable.  As you know with any good brain-storming session, you are not allowed to censor anything.

Hence the birth of FAUXOGRAPHY.©

That’s right, fauxography.  We know the trend these days in marketing is organic and sustainable, but well, we just thought this one was too good to be true.  So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to our staff fauxographer (formerly known as our staff CGI artist), Curtis Schmitt.  He pretty much broke down how he thinks explaining this to potential clients would go for us.   And we’d like to share that with you now:


POTENTIAL CLIENT:  What do you do?

CURTIS:  I’m a fauxographer?

PC:  What’s that now? You’re a “photographer?”

C:  Fauxographer.

PC:  I can’t understand what you’re saying…

C:  Faux–Ogra–Pher: Fauxographer.

PC:  Got a bit of a lisp do you?

C:  Fauxographer.

PC:  F*&k off, a#$h*le.

And remember, CGI isn’t always about replacing a photo shoot.  We’ve used it to enhance photographers shots and create effects that would be near impossible to capture in-camera during a shoot.

But also remember–to those die-hards out there, sometimes it’s Fauxography, or nothing at all.


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