“Caught in the Act!” OR “What Happens At Reception Stays At Reception (until now).”

Here at Shootdigital, we are committed to gravity and decorum at all times. Perhaps best said by our company motto:   ad astra per alia porci

Yea right.

As evidenced by our photo booth shots behind the reception desk, we MAY have a little fun at work.  Take a peek at some shots of our staff and clients caught in the act.  And see how long it takes you to spot all 10 of these things in the pictures:

1.  Carmindy from What Not to Wear

2.  Improper use of Office Supplies

3.  Junior II

4.  A super-hero

5.  A UPS delivery

6.  A mannequin in need of an attitude adjustment

7.  Pan

8.  The really cute son of two staff members (in his cool gold shoes)

9. 3 incidents of kissing

10.  A puppy

And we will be updating these, so if you want to be featured in the next series, make sure to get a shot BEHIND the reception desk!

Hmm…after seeing all these great pics, we may need to just amend our company motto to this:  Ecce potestas casei

(Translation?  “Behold the power of CHEESE!”)


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