Fierce! Sarah Silver Shoots Tyra Banks Video. Celebrity, Hector, Also Stops By the Shoot

So I know all the cool kids usually sit together in the lunch room, but who knew they also ended up hanging out at Shootdigital’s Cafe, as well?  Sarah Silver (check out her work by the way, it is awesome) was shooting stills and video of Tyra Banks and her compatriots last week here at Shootdigital.

That’s right folk–I said V-I-D-E-O.  We do that now. 🙂 !

And we will be showing you more of those projects and who’s been doing a bang-up job shooting them here on our website soon!

Until then, take a peek at this blurry still (we were so nervous to be in the presence of both Tyra and Hector it, was hard to take a steady shot).  And shout out to both Sarah Silver and Tyra for being strong awesome women in the biz!


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