Resource Magazine Spring 2009

Extra Love?

If that phrase sounds familiar, then you must know Hector. Or do you? He likes to tell stories to keep you on your toes but I managed to get a little history on him. So here it goes.

Hector is from Ambato, Ecuador not Mexico like he claims. Fibber. Anyway, moving along. He moved here when he was 21 and his first job in NY was washing cars. He says he loved it because they were expensive cars like Ferrari and Porsche. Hector likes sports cars. After the car wash job, Hector worked in construction doing sheetrock and painting for contractors. Soon after that he would come to shootdigital where he has been for 14 years.

When I asked Hector what kind of music he liked, he says “Romantic music, I’m a very lovely guy” and yes we can all attest that he is indeed a very lovely guy. Hector’s favorite band is Mana from Mexico.

Since he is famous at the cafe for his cappuccino’s among other coffee drinks, I had to ask what his favorite coffee was. “Crazy Hector!” and he won’t share the recipe so next time your in the studio and want to order a wild card, get the “Crazy Hector.”

If you are not familiar with Hector yet. He was published in the Spring 2009 issue of Resource Magazine. If you didn’t get a chance to check it out, our beautiful model and barista Hector is splashed all over the glossy pages below. Next tme you are at SD ask to see Hector’s portfolio, he has many more beautiful photos to share.


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