Phone Order Breakfast?

On The Road Again…

The Coyote just couldn’t wait to get on the road again.

Daniel Weiner and Peter Rosa are in Richmond, Virgina. Bejesus! They’re making way. What’s happened since we said out sad goodbye to them? Well, to recap, they were out of Manhattan by 12noon, crossing the George Washington Bridge into New Jersey, then on to Maryland. In Maryland this BBQ joint somehow caught their eyes, not sure how, but it was in a parking lot of a strip club called Gold Club and they mentioned that it was some of the best BBQ they had in a while. Check out Chaps BBQ next time your in Baltimore and ask for Melissa! Daniel and Peter had to try a variety so they shared a Roast Beef, Turkey and Pork Sandwich and Ribs. They come recommended!

From Baltimore they took off to Washington DC and saw the beautiful Washington Monument, run Forrest run!! Finally they hit Virgina and decided that it was a good time for ice cream. So they head to Waffle House and find themselves being sent to Wendy’s to get ice cream only to be invited back to Waffle House to eat it and enjoy a smoke break. Groovy. Finally Daniel and Peter got their beauty sleep at the Holiday Inn in Richmond, Virginia. Until next time, keep checking back! It’s only the beginning!


Chaps BBQ Ribs, yum!

Chaps BBQ

Chaps BBQ, Let's Get Cookin'!

Melissa at Chaps BBQ!

Melissa at Chaps BBQ!

Roast Beef, Turkey and Pork Sandwich

ChapsBBQ Meat Roast Beef, Turkey and Pork Sandwich

Waffle House, Virginia

Want ice cream? Go to Wendy's, then come back and take a smoke break!

Waffle House is Road Famous

Waffle House Break!

Phone Order Breakfast?

Daniel managed to drop his phone in this then rearrange it for a beautiful breakfast shot. Thanks D!


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