Brogging Rights

Hey! It’s yours truly on the world wide web so I’m going to brog* (blog+brag) a bit so you can get to know who’s the typer behind your reading.

Apparently I’m the new face of fashion in the East Village. Big statement? Well, ha! Others seem to think so too:

There, I’ll never brog again*

Yours Truly,

Fashionista Pista

P.S. Stay tuned for a Halloween update!

*Our General Manager owns all rights to the word Brog, you must do a humiliating tap dance for him to obtain rights.

*I am a journalist* so who knows how true that statement is about never brogging again.

*I’m not really a journalist, I’m a make-up artist with a sense of humor who luckily learned how to type.

Little Girl

Little Girl With Luggage

It's A Wrap

It's A Wrap


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