Inspiration Station

Inspiration can come from a lot of places and when it can be executed in beautiful photography, we can all take a deep breath and find new light in the work that we do. With that said, I found photographer John Rees from Austin, Texas on the internet today who did a photo shoot inspired by the Latin tradition called “Day of the Dead.” If you are not familiar with Day of the Dead, it is celebrated by Latins all over the world on the 2nd Day in November. The idea is to honor deceased loved ones with family and friends by building altars made of sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods of the deceased honoree. In any case, it was executed beautifully and I’m hoping this inspires you as much as it has me.

John Rees Photography

John Rees Photography

John Rees Photography

John Rees Photography


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Station

  1. Small world.
    John Rees is one of my good friends… he actually shot this Dia De Los Muertos series in/around my old studio. I stole that gazelle/antelope/whatever-it-is from the science department of a local university. But let’s keep that part on the DL.
    But let’s take this small world thing a step further…
    I spent a few years assisting for John.
    During which time we worked on a few campaigns for Nike.
    And, here’s where it gets rad, because y’all are involved. We hired out Erin (Aaron?) from Shoot Digital to handle capture probably 5 or 6 times. We even flew him out to LA once or twice, if I remember correctly.
    It all comes back around.


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