Shooting Stars With Ken Pao

Kanye West and Amber Rose for Louis Vuitton

Kanye West and Amber Rose for Louis Vuitton

Last week at ShootDigital, we were graced with the presence of Amber Rose, infamously known as Kanye’s leading lady. We were able to catch up with Ken Pao, her photographer, to find out who this new beauty is and where she is going these days. We also got a glimpse of what Ken Pao has in store for his upcoming projects. Here is what went down at ShootDigital Studios:

[Stephanie Peterson] You are here at ShootDigital today shooting Amber Rose, who is notoriously known as Kanye West’s girlfriend. How did you come about shooting her?

[Ken Pao] This actually wasn’t my idea or concept; it was the hair stylist’s, Tippi Shorter. She wanted to do a personal editorial project that’s going to be submitted to different magazines. She originally had this idea to shoot a light-skinned African American girl with blonde hair, and she wanted the clothes and styling to be very black and white…very strong with everything. This is a fashion story and when we were casting it, Amber Rose just popped into the picture because she recently joined Ford’s celebrity division and was looking to get into doing more fashion shoots. So we decided to use her.

[SP] How was it meeting Amber and Kanye for the first time?

[KP] It was definitely a little nerve racking, because I know other photographers who have worked with her and they were like, ‘Kanye showed up,’ and we were speculating if he would or not. Then he actually did! I just talked to both of them as regular people like ‘You know what we’re doing today’ and ‘This is the concept.’

[SP] It’s always interesting to catch an up-and-coming celebrity and be able to shoot them. You must be excited to catch her in this moment.

[KP] Definitely. I really didn’t know much about her except for seeing her on Perez Hilton.

[SP] Can you tell us a bit more about this beauty and the person she really is?

[KP] She’s really cool, regular, down to earth… I mean she’s chill… she’s great. She came from a hard life and she’s making a name for herself now. Her brother was actually here too, he’s her manager. He told us she’s always been a very fashion forward, distinct girl, who instead of going left like everyone, goes right. She makes her own.

[SP] So what are your plans for fashion week?

[KP] I have a shoot with MAC post fashion week. A lot of their senior artists are staying in town and they’re working with me to develop a stronger beauty book. So MAC is coming to me for a marathon day of shooting with different artists that are amazing. It’s just one after another and we have a bunch of models. It’s just an amazing and collaborative environment, and everyone walks away with beautiful images.  I’m also going to be doing a lot of the shows backstage and covering those, which is always fun.

Ken Pao's Team at Shootdigital

Ken Pao's Team at Shootdigital


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